Product Introduction:

Box Size:3000*7000*3000(mm)

Area: 21 m²

Occupancy: 2

Box 03 standard manifest

ItemsStandard configurationChoose
Basic decorationMain frame systemSeismic resistance steel structure system
DMS6+24+6 LOW-E Dual Hollow tempered glass inlays, standard screen window and screen door
Thermal insulation systemPolyurethane foam 60 mm
Exterior wall systemFluorocarbon paint custom 2mm aviation aluminum plate
Glass curtain wall system6+24+6 LOW-E Dual Hollow tempered glass
Canopy systemDouble-Layer Gypsum board+Latex paint finish+Light steel keel framework
Wall system;Wall base substrateGypsum board +Latex paint finish+ light steel keel;9mm OSB sheet Base substrate,Light steel keel framework
Ground systemBase 18mm cement pressure plate+3 layers of waterproof mortal and the interior contains anti-crack wire mesh renforcement
Wooden floorNhanced solid wood composite flooring
Entry Security door;Wall Surface LandscapeCustomized burglarproof door;Simulation green plant+ atmosphere light
Electrical configurationElectrical ControlMijia Eco
Water and Electrical SystemsLESSO(Guangdong) pipe line,Green Light Line Cable Group Co., Ltd
Lighting SystemNVC Lighting Holding Limted 4000K
Warm and Cold Air ConditionerHaier central air conditioner 2P
Smart LockWaterproof Smart Door Lock
Luminous baseboardMatte black Luminous baseboard
SUZLIVE CustomizationSide sunshade curtainElectric control gauze curtain
Voice systemMijia Eco
Smart Curtain Moter + U-track railMijia Eco
Smart switchMijia Eco
SpeakerMijia Eco

Note images are for reference only, The final appearance is based on the delivered product. The product configuration brand will arrange the same level of products according to the actual situation.

Product interior

Product Display