Shandong Suzhu Culture and Tourism Development Co., Ltd. is a new type of culture and tourism industry and diffuse life comprehensive service provider integrating the design and creation of light life application scenarios, the development of comprehensive culture and tourism, and the independent design, production and sales of mobile cabins. With the core concept of "light life, slow pace", the company faces the domestic and foreign medium and high-end cultural tourism markets, independently designs, develops, produces and sells different series of new intelligent mobile cabins, and is committed to creating a high-end prefabricated building system and promoting intelligent mobile cabins Products to scenic spots, hotels, public services and other multi-scenario application fields.

Factory Shipping

Once the product is externally packaged, it will be shipped in a large flatbed truck.​ On the way of the product from the factory to the camp site, strict safety protection measures will be adopted to ensure safety and stability during transportation.

Product Hoisting

After the product arrives at the project site, it needs to be hoisted and landed by a large crane.​ Appropriate hoisting equipment must be used in light of the actual situation on site. The product has been designed with hoisting points and tonnage data provided.

Base Installation

The base installation of the product needs to formulate a construction plan for the excavation of the pile foundation according to the soil conditions to ensure the safety and stability of the product landing.

High-end outdoor camp comprehensive service provider

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Shandong Suzhu Cultural Tourism

Our mission is to bring pleasure and convenience to people's travel and living by creating comfortable and convenient spaces.

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