Welcome to the world of Capsule Dwellings! We are a dedicated enterprise focused on innovating the outdoor camping experience. We deeply understand the importance of outdoor activities for physical and mental well-being, and we recognize the significance of comfort and convenience while exploring the wild. Hence, we passionately design and manufacture high-quality capsule dwellings to provide you with a fresh way to connect with nature.



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Suzlive Prefabricated Houses and Capsule Homes are your ideal companions for outdoor and adventure travel. We specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality, durable prefabricated houses and capsule homes to meet a variety of outdoor needs. Whether it’s hiking, camping, adventure travel, or holiday destinations, our products provide a comfortable, convenient, and reliable accommodation solution.

Why choose us

Our capsule dwellings feature advanced assembly techniques, allowing you to swiftly
set up a cozy temporary abode wherever you venture. Whether it’s amidst mountains, forests, by lakes, or along the coast, our capsule dwellings offer a secure and comfortable accommodation, enabling you to embrace camping on your terms.

Professional Team

Our team comprises seasoned experts with a wealth of experience in capsule dwelling design and construction.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the cornerstone of our work, and we adhere to stringent standards at every stage of design, production, and assembly.

After-sales service

With a dedicated customer support team, we're here to assist you at every step, from assembly guidance to addressing any queries you may have.

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Innovative Capsule Dwellings Combine Comfort and Convenience for Modern Outdoor Enthusiasts.

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